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Angel is the mother of Del Rae's Amazing Montana (Monty)  AKC pointed and Del Rae's Taylor Made (Taylor) both of these dogs have started their show careers in conformation, INTL CH Del Rae's Amazing Montana (Monty) is AKC pointed, Del Rae's Taylor Made has his Rally Novice title, and Del Rae's  Main Attraction (Jessie) has been very busy. He has the following titles, RN, CD, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ,CGC TDI.

Angel was bred twice to Baron and then placed in a 4-H home with a ten year old girl doing agility and obedience.    Amelia adores her and I'm very happy that such a good home was found for her. Amelia and Angel have competed in 4-H and taken many first. Angel's eyes were cleared yearly and hips were OFA'd Good.
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This is "Keeper's" mother

Tellie was a very nervous mother and I thought it best for her to be spayed and she has now found a forever home. Here she is with new family and friends.
Kit is AKC pointed and loves everyone. I'm sure she will be a great addition to our breeding program in years to come. She is the mother of "Bling" my Baron son found on the "our boys" page.

Kit is 7 years old in this picture and since the death of Darla in April of 2011 she has taken over as chief baby sitter. A job she loves!

Her first litter has multiple performance title holders.
"Simon" has his RAE and his AKC and ASCA CD not to mention all his agility titles. Caroline, his sister is right behind him in all the same categories.
Congrats to Kelly and Simon and to Chris with Caroline!! It's so good to see these wonderful dogs in loving homes.

Bea's second litter is also doing well in the ring. Two are working towards their Championship and one is doing fly ball while two others are in the obedience ring.

Roger would be proud to know that she is doing so well.

Bea has produced wonderful dogs with no health problems bred to three different Del Rae dogs. She is a wonderful representative of the breed and at ten she looks like a six year old. Don't be surprised if she shows up at a show this year.
Pearl is a Baron and Rainy grand daughter. Her mother is Del Rae's Southern Comfort aka Georgia.
She is new to us at Del Rae but are excited to keep these bloodlines alive. I'm excited to see what the future holds for her and her future pups. Check back often for updates.
"Keeper" has been spayed and is now in a wonderful home with her half brother Rocky. Watch for both of them in Agility....
"Missy" is a wonderful producer of performance dogs. Following in the footsteps of her Mother (Betty) and Grand mother (Rainy) Both now seen on the Rainbow Bridge page.

What can I say about her. Just look at her face and you know she's thinking of something she can get into.. Love her!!