DOB: May 21, 2004
Height:  19 1/2 "
Weight:  48 lbs.
Teeth: Scissors Bite / Full Dentition
CERF: Normal
OFA: Good
Missy at 8 weeks
Missy at 5 months
CH Twincreeks Black Diamond
CH Sunnyrain Incognito
CH Sunnyrain Mystical Presence
CH Briarbrooks Valedictorian
CH Briarbrooks Calamity Jane
CH Briarbrooks Title Cut
Kgb Poise N Ivy
CH Acuras Cherished Teddie
CH McMatts Lengend of Mill Creek
CH Los Pinos Mercedes Benz
CH Briarbrooks Valedictorian
Los Pinos Aristocratic Lady
CH McMatts Ez Victor
CH Castle Image of McMatt
Kit with her first litter November 2008
Bling on the left and Rocky on the right!
Kit August 21, 2011 still looking good at 7 years!
My dear friend can I ever thank you enough for such a sweet, sweet, girl.                 
                                                        Love you!!
More pictures below!!!!