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Glad you like the background but it is Baron's head and you can not use it. Email me and I will tell you how to make one using your own dog.                                                                       Thank you!
I feed RAW and have for over ten years. I also treat for fleas and ticks "Naturally" and use and recomend NuVet supplements for all the ingredients, which includes blue green algae. To view all the ingredients in NuVet Plus which I use, please visit for more information! No there is no code, I do not get paid a percentage for any products sold.
The American Kennel Club
Illustrated Breed Standard
Australian Shepherd Club of America, Inc.
The Buckeye Australian Shepherd Club
United States Australian Shepherd Association
Basic Body Color....a better understanding

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Medina "SWARM" Agility
Youngstown All Breed Training Club

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AKC Canine Health Foundation
10 Steps  
Toby's Foundation

Lets Talk Breeding

USASA Breeders Directory

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Del Rae Kennel supports USASA's stand on "Mini and Toy" Australian Shepherds

Many THANKS to the Hartnagles for their years of devotion to the breed. Books and other educational material are available from their site's a must see!