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Baron x Angel son
Monty had his International Championship and then was bred to a few females while he stayed in Texas. He sired one litter with Rainy before leaving for Texas. He was AKC pointed and only needed his Majors to finish before his untimely death in 2007. He is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. A sweet dog that will be greatly missed for a long, long time.
I LOVE THIS PHOTO of Baron!!!  What can I say about a dog that has out produced himself with every bitch I have bred him to?  I could not imagine a day with out Baron. He is my constant companion and the one that makes me have fun. We make for a good team.

I lost my dear sweet boy just 5 months short of being 13. The hole that is left in my heart will never heal I'm afraid. I miss him so..........he was the best! Thank you to all his friends for the cards. Please visit the "Tribute to Baron" page and read the poems that were sent to me. I am truely blessed to have such understanding friends.........................It is April 2012 and I am still in tears. I never knew a dog that could have such an impact on your soul. I could not imagine being a parent and suffer the loss of a child.

Purchased around 2 yrs old from Carol Green of Noteworthy Kennels, in Idaho, Rainy didn't want to be a show dog. We have bred her four times and she has produced performance dogs in her litters sired by two different dogs for me. Rainy is the mother of  Del Rae's Prima Dawna (Dawni) CD, CGC,  Del Rae's RootNTootNCowboy (Rowdy) NA, NAJ,OA, OAJ, RN, CGC TDI, Del Rae's Desperado (Wrangler) RN, JHD & Dexter CD, NA, HT, PT, JHD,CGC TDI. She has made a great addition to my breeding program. Eyes cleared yearly and hips are OFA'd Good.
Fall 2008 -   Rainy has gone to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I miss her deeply...my little blue fox! She had a great spirit that she past on to all of her kids.
Del Rae's Swingtime "Betty"  was a "Rainy" daughter sired by "Sam" Her first litter, by Baron, has produced "Jazz" AKC CD, RAE, MX, MXJ, XF.and more titles in CPE and ASCA, and two others are also playing agility. 1 is started on stock. I am very pleased with Betty's offspring. She has been retired from breeding and is now enjoy life with her son by Baron and traveling the great west. See pictures of Betty with her son Cayenne on their vacations on the New Owners pages..

2010...Betty is now waiting for her family to join her at the Rainbow Bridge. A tragic accident she escaped from a Doggy Day Care and was found a few days later. It breaks my heart.....and I know her family misses her as well.
I bought "Lucy" from Debbie Tapp and she was older when I bought her. She had only 1 point on her at that time and we put a total of 9 AKC points on her before we retired her. With her age against her she was not going to get her Majors. She retired to Vermont.

She had 1 litter for me with Baron and that produced Del Rae's One Hot Cowboy, a.k.a. "Sam" He was the sire of "Betty" above and "B.B." Both outstand producers. "Sam" was neutered and became a beloved pet. My vet asked me if I really wanted to do that.....sometimes I wonder.
What can I say about a dog that would watch over my parents and make sure that the visiting nurses didn't walk off with anything. If they picked up even a picture she would follow them until it got put back where it belonged. Several of the nurses would bring her cookies. She had a fan club at Agility Trials too. For awhile people were calling me Darla, and I would tell them, "No, I'm Barbara, the dog's name is Darla" and after a couple weekends of this, I just gave up. She had friends everywhere she went.
If my Mother fell she would watch out the kitchen window while Baron would lay with her until someone came to get her up and back in bed.

She was never bred, always a companion I put two more titles on her at 10 years of age. She was just shy of 15 when I had to make the decision to put her down in April of 2011. Her antics still bring fond memories and will for years to come.
A Sam x Rainy son
"BB" is a Baron grandson. He is very correct coming and going and has a lot of natural ability on stock.

A Multiple producer of performance dogs both in Obedience and Agility. His offspring are also showing great instinct on stock......and he has dogs now showing in conformation.

It is with a sad heart I am telling you I had to say good bye to such a sweet boy after he suffered a stroke on May 7, 2012. We just welcomed a litter of pups sired by him and so I will be very careful to choose a puppy in this littter to keep for myself. BB was always giving kisses, lick my ears and chew on my chin. A trait many of his kids have in common when they are happy to see their owners.

I was blessed that when we did say good bye, he was licking my face, my ears and chewing on my chin and then he tucked his head into my chest and I kissed him our last good bye.......until we meet again my sweet boy......