DOB: June 7, 2005
Height:  18.5 "
Weight:  41 lbs.
Teeth: Scissors Bite / Full Dentition
CERF: Normal
OFA: AS-24440G33F-PI   - Good
CH. Noteworthy Swayn ToThe Music
CH. McKays Terbo Trix of the Trade
CH. McKays Dances With Dolls
Del Rae's One Hot Cowboy
Noteworthy Love A Rainy Nite
Del Rae's Swingtime
CH. Thornapples Diamonds N Spurs
CH. Belle Isle Terbo Step'n Out
CH. Bayshore Propwash Balderdash
Thornapples White Diamonds
Penn Y Caerau Bonnie Golightly
CH. Heatherhill Sweet Talkin Dude CD, STD's
CH. McKays Boot Scootn' Boogie CD, ROM I
CH. Wrenwoods Katchina Dancer
CH.Del Rae's Senna of Sunsong RN, PT, CD, NA, NAJ,  JHD, CGC TDI.
Briarbrooks Now You Can Look
Meshlacon Heres A Hot Tip
McKays Revin' It Up O'Marquis
CH. Poppy Hills Star Chaser
Wilmeths Maggie of Sagewood
Birch Hollows Forever Crystal
CH. McMatts Redwood Stranger
Moores Gun Master of Sunsong
Gaspers Little Duchess
Red Cinder of Windermere
Briarbrooks Blues Brother
Briarbrooks Dust Storm
CH. McKays Boot Scootn' Boogie CD, ROMI
Batehams Ozzie-K
Rocking K's Eluive Shadow
Missy at 8 weeks
Missy at 5 months
Missy at 10 months
Missy at 3 years