DOB: August 8, 1994
Height:  20 1/2"
Weight:  46 lbs.
Teeth: Scissors Bite / Full Dentition
CERF: Normal
OFA: AS -10153G26F-T   GOOD
CH. Briarbrook's Blues Brother
CH. Moonlighter of Primrose
  Brookridge Bayshore Hotcakes
CH. Fieldmaster's Blue Isle
CH. Crazy Hearts Swingtime
Dust Storm
CH. Aristocrat's Once In A  Blue Moon
CH. Patchwork Silver Ribbons
CH. Fieldmaster's Three Ring Circus
Aristocrats Lady Sings The Blues
Three Pines Carbine
CH. Suns Mark of Windermere CD
CH. Bayshore's Flapjack
CH. Bayshore's Insignia
CH. Fieldmaster's Three Ring Circus
Fieldmaster's Lodi
Happy Song of Pandemonium
CH. Happy Go Lucky of Digeridu
CH. Brigadoon's California Dude CD
CH. Bayshore's French Toast
CH. Bayshore's Cloud Nine
CH. Briarbrook's Coat of Arms
CH. Fieldmaster of Flintridge
Whispering Pines of Flintridge
Happy Surprise of Windermere
CH. Buck Fever of Blue Mist
CH. Fieldmaster's Kandee Kisses
CH. Successor of Winderemere
CH. Suns Mark of Windermere CD
Kaitaia Fiddle De Dee
She is gone but has left her foot prints on our hearts !