DOB: December 15, 2001        Height:  22"            eyes cleared yearly          OFA pending weight loss 
               Owned by John & Carol Myers, Linesville, PA                  
Legacys Next Generation
Sirius Playin With Fire
CH. Scotch Pine of Adelaide CD
CH. Jimmee Blue of Adelaide CD
CJR Rhiannon Little Wing
CH. Fieldmaster's Three Ring Circus
Windogos Back to the Future
Clay Hills Step That Step
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Touched By N Angel By Sirius  "Angel"
Blue C/W
CH. Del Rae's Senna of Sunsong
Red C/W
CH. Briarbrook's Meer Reflection
CH. Siena's Hearts on Fire
CH. Gambler of Windsor
CH. Bluecrest Ja-Ma Dolca
L-K Magnum PI
C-R Ciara Breeze
Brightwoods Dustan Beau
President's Sassy Starlet
Little Wonder's Trixie LaRue
Gasper's Little Duchess
Porter's Roller Coaster Joey
Bluecrest Kayla
Siena's Teddy Bear of Riveroaks
Moores Gun Master of Sunsong
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CH Briarbrooks State of the Art CD
CH Rhiannons Lil
CH Windogos Red Estaire
CH Clay Hills Leading Lady CD
CH. Feel the Fire of Heatherhill
CH.Stage Struck of Shadowfax
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"Taylor" shown in conformation. I am trying to get John and Carol to get him out again!  See his pedigree and more pictures below.!!!
At 11 weeks!
Taylor learning agility with Emily who is 13 in these pictures and Taylor was 4! Taylor loves kids and attention, the more the better!!