Meet some of Darla's friends
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Spencer makes a mad dash out of the tunnel. There are two types of tunnels in agility. This is the Open tunnel, the other type is the closed or colapsed tunnel, called the chute..
Darla is on the left doing weave poles. This is Darla's friend Taz on the right. He is a Border Collie and lives with Bob and Doreen Barren near the Cleveland Metro Parks where they enjoy many long walks. Here Taz is also doing the "weave poles" where the dog enters the obstacle from the right side and weaves everyother pole until he has completed all of the poles.
There are many jumps on the agility course. Single jumps, tire jumps (as Nitro is about to do above), doubles, triples and the broad jump. You don't get extra points or any deductions for sticking your tongue out while you run the course! On the right is "Zeke" a whippet,(going though the tire,) that Susan Zimmerman from Warren rescued. Zeke plays agility with an ILP number from AKC.
This is "Baron" on the left, "Niki" and "Nitro" above and "Flurry" to the right. In each picture you can see what is known as the CONTACT obstacle. There are 3, the teeter or see saw, the dog walk, & the Aframe.. The dogs must enter each obstacle in the yellow contact or safety area and depart from that obstacle in the yellow in order for the dogs not to be NQ'd. Even if it's a toe on one paw, it must be in  the yellow. Flurry on the right is showing you a FLYOFF, you don't want to do that. I want to Thank Barb Ceranko, of Mogadore, for doing this for us so we had a picture to use for an example.
This is Darla's new friend LCA Ch. UKC-CDX Cherywood's Cruise Control, LCA CDX, Can. CD, CGC, TDI .  "Chauncey" to his friends, is a 4 1/2 year old Leonberger, weighting about 125 lbs.  He is a very easy going fella who loves to please his owner/ trainer/handler, Sandy Ling, of Madison, Ohio

Agility is one of the sports you can enjoy no matter how big or small your dog is, or even if he isn't a pure bred.
These are Darla's friends "Niki, Bear, and Holly". Niki and Holly are Australian shepherds and Bear is a mix breed. You do not have to have a pure bred dog to compete in Agility. USDAA, NADAC, CPE, and other associations allow "all american" bred dogs to compete in the various levels of agility.
This page gives you some information about agility. Please give the pictures time to load.                                                                                                                       Enjoy!