DOB: April 22, 2001          Height:  22"         Weight:  56 lbs.          Hips:  Prelim - Good
CH. Briarbrook's Blues Brother
CH. Moonlighter of Primrose
  Brookridge Bayshore Hotcakes
CH. Fieldmaster's Blue Isle Barnstormer
CH. Crazy Hearts Swingtime
Dust Storm
CH. Aristocrat's Once In A  Blue Moon
CH. Patchwork Silver Ribbons
CH. Bayshore's Flapjack
CH. Bayshore's Insignia
CH. Fieldmaster's Three Ring Circus
Fieldmaster's Lodi
Happy Song of Pandemonium
CH. Happy Go Lucky of Digeridu
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Briarbrook's Now You Can Look  "Lucy"
CH. Del Rae's Senna of Sunsong
CH. Briarbrook's Meer Reflection
CH. Siena's Hearts on Fire
CH. Gambler of Windsor
CH. Bluecrest Ja-Ma Dolca
L-K Magnum PI
C-R Ciara Breeze
Brightwoods Dustan Beau
President's Sassy Starlet
Little Wonder's Trixie LaRue
Gasper's Little Duchess
Porter's Roller Coaster Joey
Bluecrest Kayla
Siena's Teddy Bear of Riveroaks
Moores Gun Master of Sunsong
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"Sam" at 7 months.
This photo of "Sam" was taken at 10 months.
Sam is now the family companion of Bill Chapell and the mascot for his construction company.