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by  Barbara Rae Wilson
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Kelly with Jazz and Simon
Simon's first time on sheep!
Reba was too fast for pictures!   Boy, does she like sheep!
Kelly with her NRHA reining horse
I met Kelly and Paul about five years ago when they came to see "Jazz" a 6 month old Aussie that had the very basics in obedience and agility. Kelly explained that she had been showing horses and like so many of us thought they were the right dog for her life style. Gizmo was her first Aussie and he was a great companion and watch dog on their farm.

However, it was a few years later when she had seen agility on TV and thought that looked like something she would enjoy doing.(and Gizmo was getting too old), she started searching the net and that is how she found me at Del Rae. She had been thinking of names for her new dog and Jazz was one of those names so she just had to come and see her. "Jazz" went home with Kelly for a trial run and it became permanent.

Kelly describes her as sweet, smart, loyal, and tries very hard to please. After signing up for basic obedience classes, Kelly found out about Rally and since they were having so much fun training, they thought it would be a good place to begin showing her dog.

They moved through Rally levels with a couple 100's and several placing's and so began looking for a new challenge, Novice Obedience. Jazz got her CD last year in Columbus, in three straight shows, with scores in the upper 180's and placing's. Jazz and Kelly finished their RAE title also this past year. This summer they will spend more time on agility. Jazz has a couple of Jumpers legs and a Standard leg in AKC, and finished her CPE level 1 title this past Fall.

If that isn't enough, she has 2 other Aussie's that she competes with. Reba is showing in agility and Rally and will start on sheep this year. She has completed her NA, NAJ agility titles and is half way to her RAE Rally title. Simon, who she also got from me at Del Rae, isn't two yet and is working on his RE Rally title. He will also get started on sheep and agility, he doesn't want to be left out you know!. When she got him from me I told her he was outgoing and over the top friendly and he is. He always wants to be the center of attention, and has personality plus. Kelly says he is very focused when it is time to work but he always adds his personal flare to what ever he does.

Kelly is still training and showing her quarter horses in NRHA reining competitons so if you think your schedule is crowed, she has perfected juggling time!!!

If you would like to contact Kelly, her email is warner@thirdplanet.net
Meet Adam Maul and his girlfriend Joanna, with their Aussie Nala ( a BB x Ms Bea puppy) and Atti their Aussie Samoyed mix. They live in Navarre, FL . Adam has sent some beautiful pictures that I wanted to share.. ENJOY!!!!
Meet Kelly Warner of Port Clinton, Ohio!
No dogs in the water here!!!
Meet Jennie Tuckerman and Cayenne, from Kent, Ohio!
Home !

Cayenne at Cushman's Dome, Great Smokey Mts National Park. What a view....I wonder how thin the air was up that high?
Cayenne even visits the Kent Library where he and Jen take part in the reading program for children.

Cayenne enjoys running in Benefit Races with Jen and has now become a member of the Delta Society and they visit hospitals and nursing homes for therapy visits.
Jen and her husband Steve enjoy the outdoors and it doesn't matter where they go, or what they do, Cayenne is always with them. See the video of Lottie, the new addition to the family when you go to the Herding page.